Saturday, December 10, 2005

What Gift Do I Get A Teen?

Many people think teens are so difficult to buy gifts for. I beg to differ. Teens are the easiest because their "likes" are so obvious. The literally wear everything on their sleeve. Their clothing is usually a clear sign of their music preferences and their designer of choice.

What do most teens like to do? They like to talk on the phone, go to the movies and listen to music. They also like to go out to hang out at the mall, at the neighborhood skating spot or at the school games.

What can you get a teen? MP3's and certificates to sites to download music, what else? If you have the money and can afford it, there is the new Video Ipod or even the mini Ipod. There is the new video phone or you can always get them the boost mobile. The boost mobile phone is not a bad idea, since it only cost $1.50 a day to use the Nextel. Minutes cost .25 a weekdays and .10 weeknights after 9pm and weekends. Certificates to their favorite mall is another choice or gift cards to FYI, Media Play, Best Buy or Circuit City will suffice. You may also gift them a card to their favorite place to grab a bite. Then they can take their favorite friend and enjoy your gift!

Some other tips:
1. Subscriptions to their favorite magazines. You know what they say! Reading is fundamental!
2. Tickets to sports events and or concerts to their favorite artists.
3. Movies, DVD's and memorabilia of their favorite artists is always a crowd pleaser!

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