Friday, January 20, 2006

Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentines' Day is creeping up. What do you gift are you getting your special someone? Flowers and candy are just predictable gifts. For the woman in your life, flowers perish and chocolates end up on her thighs and waist (or so she says). What gift do you buy him? He has everything. You don't have any idea what to gift to give?

For Her:
1. Is she an avid reader? Gift subscriptions or memberships to book clubs that carry her favorite author are a great purchase.
2. Is she stressed and overworked? Surprise her with a gift certificate to a day spa. Let her spend a day of pampering, primping and luxury. You take care of the rest (I mean the kids if there are any).
3. Does she like to travel, but you just can't afford the airfare or you can't take the vacation time? Try a weekend getaway at a hotel or bed and breakfast in your city or state. You still have the getaway, without having to spend money and time traveling. All you do is pay for the hotel and enjoy the stay!
4. Does she have a hobby? Is she into scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, or any crafts? Gift cards to places like Michaels, The Rag Shop and A.C. Moore would be greatly appreciated. Besides, they're going to spend the money there anyway!
5. Is she a musiclover? Why not take her favorite band's concert? Even if she has to wait several months for the actual concert, she will love the gift. I put a link on the side bar for a site where you can purchase any tickets including: sports, theater, concerts and Nascar. How's that for one stop shopping?!

For Him:
1. He loves golf? You can have his initials engraved into his golfballs, his golfbag or golf clubs. Take a mini getaway to a golf club (and actually let him golf).
2. Sports crazed? Tickets to his favorite team are not a bad idea. What about team jerseys or any sports apparel? They surely aren't cheap!
3. Is he a new tech gadgetlover? Find out the new tech toy he has his eye on and surprise him.
4. Is he addicted to video games? Many are. Ever heard of EB Games? Yup, you guessed it. Get the gift card or buy the game you think is the right one and get a gift receipt. You don't want to have trouble exchanging the "wrong" purchase in the future.
5. Comic book collector, you say? Comic books can be found online. Make sure you know which one. These collectors are pretty serious about their comics. It's the difference between the Escalade and a Hyundai (or at least they think so).

There you have it. Good luck, happy shopping and if you have any other questions....don't hesitate to leave me a comment!

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