Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mother's Day Is Approaching: Don't Procrastinate!

Mother's Day is approaching very, very quickly. The last thing you should do is procrastiante-especially if you're going to send flowers! Let me tell you what happened to me last year. The Friday before Mother's Day I attempted to send my mom flowers. I was unsuccessful. Not only were the prices unbelievable, but all the floral arrangements that she would have liked were sold out! Don't make the same mistake I made.

Mother's Day is the the day we set aside to thank the person that gave us life and cared for us as a child and helped us out as an adult. Let your mother know she's the most important woman in your life. Don't procrastinate like I did last year! Visit DotFlowers for a huge selection of Mothers Day Flowers and Mothers Day gift ideas. When it comes to giving a Mother's Day gift, flowers are always an excellent choice. The Monticello Rose Bouquet or Abundant Glory Arrangement are elegant and traditional flowers for mom that are sure to impress. Remember to plan early, so that you will find the arrangements that YOU desire in stock!!!!

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