Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gifts that Say "I Love You"

Need a gift idea that says "I Love You"? Here are a few suggestions:
1. Hunt down your favorite song, extra points if you find the original packaging with artwork intact.
2. Cook them their favorite meal or surprise them with an unexpected trip to their favorite restaurant-just because...
3. Buy them tickets to their favorite band, musical, play, opera or sport event-especially if you don't care for them. It shows you really care and it's self sacrificing. You can either accompany them or give them the ticket to take their friend that would enjoy the experience.
4. You can send flowers online. Red roses mean passionate love. If you send a red and white rose together it symbolizes “unity” and pink means perfect happiness. Whatever you do, don't send yellow. Yellow roses mean unfaithfulness.
5. Treat them to a day of pampering. Each person's idea of pampering is different. Make sure you know what they like and get a gift certificate to a spa or do it yourslef. The latter may be a lot more fun!

I hope you find these ideas useful. Always remember to have fun!

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