Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Never Knew How Much I Cared About Blinds

The Little One (my 4 yr old autistic son) loves to write and draw. You might think that is a good thing...well it is. But there is one problem, he writes all over the walls, framed pictures, the big screen TV, the sliding glass doors, the windows, the carpets and the blinds. We can't even keep up with his graffiti anymore. He is destructive and as many times as I try to put away all the crayons, so he doesn't do it again....his lovely father buys him many, many boxes on every outing. He always has one somewhere.

It gets worse. The decor of the house is in total disarray. The first mistake I made was not listen to my friend. Her son is also autistic. She told me to be sparse with the decorating. When I told her I was putting Roman Shades and vertical blinds she tried to persuade me not to. Of course, I didn't listen. Just look at this site: Who could resist the Roman Shades? I didn't go too fancy, just plain white flat Roman Shades and white vertical blinds. Let's just say they didn't last that long. First he wrote on the blinds, then he started pulling the vertical blinds done one by one. He pulled the Roman shades down on his head. We got tired of putting them back up. Eventually, I took all the hardware down and now I don't even have curtains. Luckily, I live in the middle of nowhere. I don't have to have curtains, blinds or shades up...but I still like them.

Now I definitely have blinds in my room, which he wrote on...thank God for the person that invented the Magic Eraser! The older kids have curtains, blinds and shades in their rooms and of course the bathrooms have them too. I just can't wait for him to learn that they are to be looked at and not to be pulled down. Right now, I've had way too many emergency room visits with him. When I get ready, I want to get the Bella Roman shades pictured here: The wooden blinds in the dark finish at are nice too. At the rate he is going, destroying the furniture...I'm going to have to replace everything on the first floor. Last weekend, he finished destroying my canopy bed. I want to get a large four poster bed, but he'll want to jump off of he does on his trampoline. I really liked a platform bed I saw at Target, but the corners are really pointy and he has a problem with relating to his spatial environment. Tranlsation: either of those beds are accidents waiting to happen

So for now, I can dream, plan and save up the money for the day that I can make the decorating choices I want instead of the ones that I HAVE to...for his safety's sake!

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