Friday, December 15, 2006 : A CashBack Site

Many of you are familiar with sites that help you save on your online purchases by providing coupon codes. These are great sites to use to help you stetch your buck, but there are other sites that give you cash back! is one of them!

How does it work?
You register at and shop as you normally do. They even have coupon codes to maximize your savings. The difference is that when you shop through their site, you earn cash! To make it even more enticing, they give you $2.00 just to sign up. Then as you shop, one of two things occurs. From each purcahse you either get a % of the sale or a flat cash back amount for every purchase. Once your account reaches $20.00, you can request payment.

Isn't that simple? To make it even more appealing, has two great offers. One is the Prepaid T Mobile To Go phone and the other is the Cingular Go Phone. You can either for free.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a usual online buyer, I'll check it out.Thanks for the link

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