Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Give Yourself the Gift of Health!

Is your New Year's Resolution to lose weight? Is this the year you are actually going to do something about all the weight you've gained and hate? Check this product out!

Core Rhythms is a revolutionary video that shows you the basic dance steps to Latin Dancing. Their informercial has testimonials from customers saying they have lost 2 inches in two weeks from the video. do I belive it? Definitely! When I was young and single, I never gained weight. Why? My activity level was key. Dancing and walking regularly kept me out of the gym. As I got older, chasing the kids kept me fit. Now? Let's just say that I'm not happy about the two sizes bigger I got this year. Diet is important, but your activity level is key to maintaining the weight off. I was at a size 6 January 2006. I was pretty comfortable. Then my youngest child broke his leg and I was confined to the first floor of my house. I was a prisoner of this house. Guess what happened? I quickly gained weight due to my inactivity. Now, it's going to take me lots of exercise to work those pounds off. Happily, I came across these tapes. These tapes aren't the usual exercises that bore me soooo much.

Will I lose all the weight I hate soo much? Yes, I will. I am determined and my unhappiness with my current condition is my greatest motivator. I have a very small frame the added pounds make me very uncomfortable.

I'm going to try the tapes. Why not? They give you a trial period in which you get to try it and pay only $14.95. Worst case scenario? I don't like them and send them back. Best case scenario? I lose the weight!

Anwyay, this is the year I will get out of debt and get back to my healthy weight!

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