Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Review of FlipTrack

FlipTrack is a site that helps you create your own music video. How do you do it? You provide the pictures and they provide the tools to turn it into a movie, complete with music!

I think FlipTrack is interesting and I quickly bookmarked it. My children often have to do presentations for their classes. This cuts the time in half. It's also a great tool to add to your myspace profile. The music videos can also be used on blogger, friendster, piczo and xanga. The only thing I didn't like is that some of the songs are not by the original artists.

For those of you with kids, FlipTrack is running a contest that involves the band called Barenaked Ladies. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a "Music Video" gift pack including a Logitech WebCam, a Cannon digital camera, and a Blue Microphone. What do you have to do? Create a video with the BareNaked Ladies song, "Sound of Your Voice." Hey, it doesn't say you have to be a fan to enter. It may be worth your time, if you are in need of a new digital camera. I might have one of my kids make one. They're familiar with the music because the band has their own TV Show.

Visit FlipTrack and give it a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy this free service! Create a video of your child and put it on your site. Your friends and family won't believe how much they've grown.

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