Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Doctor Specializing in Hair Transplants in Florida

If you're looking for a doctor that specializes in hair transplants, you may want to learn more about Dr. Larry Shapiro.

Dr. Shapiro's offices are located in South East Florida with two locations in Hollywood and Delray Beach. You can visit the site for a map and directions. They offer out of town patients discounted travel incentives for accommodations and transportation. You can call their office for more information. They are available from 9am-7pm. They also have a 24 hour answering service.

If this is a procedure you are considering, do your research. See what others have to offer and weigh your options. I've seen many hair transplant sites. What's different about Dr. Shapiro's? This one has many options available including financing. They have made everything easy for the client, down to accommodations and travel. Customer service like this is rare...

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