Thursday, August 02, 2007

How My Kids Got a FREE PS2

The Christmas that the PS2 came out, it was a mob scene. Anyone remember the headlines. People selling them and making small fortunes on ebay. Of course, my kids wanted one, but they knew I wouldn't fall into that craziness. They're father or Little One's father usually runs to get them the latest consoles. I refuse to spend money on them-not after I paid for the orginal price for a PlayStation and Game Cube-when they first came out. Oh yes, and how could I forget the whining that broke me down-until I bought them The GameBoy Color! Well, that particular year, they were out of luck. That is until my sister got home from work the day after Christmas...

My brother-in-law was in the military and worked a part time job at a department store. Basically, he did it for the discount more than money. Anyway, someone had returned a PlayStation in an earlier shift. The procedure for damaged merchandise was not followed and the PlayStation was not checked. They wrote out the slip that it was defective and when the boss tried it worked. They had already invoiced it as defective and it wasn't so the boss told him he could keep it. He replied no, because he already woned one. His boss did too. So, he told him to throw it out. he called my sis and she told him to take it for the kids. He told his boss and he wrote him a property pass. My sister shipped the PS2. By the way, the system still works all these years later!

Not everyone is as lucky as that. My kids are lucky that their father and their brother's father are both gamers. That's why they always get the latest consoles. Yes, my kids own a Nintendo wii. My youngest son's father got it for the boys for Christmas. We also have the XBox, XBox 360, PSP and PS, PS2, DreamCast, Nintendo 64 and other handheld game players. What have I learned? Don't ever pay full price! There will always be a newer console!

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