Friday, August 17, 2007

What Makes a Great Anniversary Gift?

Gift giving is about showing the people in your lives that you are paying attention. It's not about giving designer gifts or presents with huge price tags. When you give someone a gift, you want to show them that they are special and that they matter. Don't understand what I mean? Here's an example. My grandmother loved porcelain dolls. When porcelain dolls were very popular, financial times in this country were at an all time low. Things got better when she married my grandfather. He was wealthy and cared for her and their 5 kids. That is until the day he ran away with her "best friend". She was plunged into poverty. Her most prized possession, the doll he had given her-had to be sold.

Years later, I heard this story. For Mother's Day I decided to go buy her a porcelain doll. It wasn't the most expensive gift in the world, it wasn't the most original, but it held special meaning. When I gave it to her, she cried. She put it away because she didn't want it get damaged. She kept it in the box because she didn't want the color of the clothing to fade.

What would make an unforgettable anniversary gift for your parents? For your kids? For your in-laws? Their favorite wedding picture, family portrait, vacation spot or pet's picture turned into a canvas. Canvas on Demand is a great way to turn those memories into art. I have a portrait of my youngest daughter hanging in my living room. It is a quick process. You chose a photo, upload it into the site, choose the style you want and pay for your purchase. You can also choose to have the canvas framed or you can have a gallery wrap in varying sizes. The canvas is delivered by FedEx.

The only problem with this gift, is that everyone will expect one as a gift. When I told my mother about the canvas, she immediately asked me to send it to her! Oh well, you've been warned!

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