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Desgins by Sylvia is a great new find for anyone that is buying unique gifts. It has gifts for motorcycle riders, moms, teens, music lovers, environmentalists and much more. Want a creative, unique gift to impress your friend...Designs by Sylvia is the place to shop.

Finding your way on Designs by Sylvia is easy. Their home page has large buttons that will lead you to each category. You can also use the sidebar on the left side of the site. They offer hoodies, tees, tote bags and more.

Five Reasons Why You Should Shop At Designs By
1. Shopping online saves time.
Save time commuting to the store, finding parking and standing on lines. Be sure to make your purchase in advance to allow time for delivery.
2. Shopping online saves money.
Save money on gas or transportation. If you drive, save money on parking in parking garages or meters. Save money on tolls, when you drive long distances. If you travel with kids, save money on food and drinks. You also cut down on imulse shopping.
3. Find unique gift ideas.
Ever buy someone a gift, just to find out...someone else bought them the same one! Not going to happen if you shop at
4. Order customized gifts.
SO, you and the person your buying a gift for have a personal private joke you've shared for years. You can have that joke turned into a tee, a mug or even a tote. Just use the contact form and describe your idea.
5. Don't fear security issues.
This store has a long history of great customer service. Just do a quick check on the Better Business Bureau online. Cafe Press has a great policy for returns. No worries!

If that doesn't convince you visit the site and see all the great gift ideas for people of all ages. Here are a few "GREEN" gift ideas!

Have fun finding the perfect gift!

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