Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shopping for a Used Car Dealer in Wilmington NC?

Shopping for a used car anyhwere is no easy task. You have many choices, but each has its setbacks. Answering classifieds means meeting strangers and a level of trust that is unnerving. Visiting car dealerships means you may have to come face to face with a smooth talking used car salesman. You don't need to experience these unnecessary emotional roller coasters. If you live in Wilmington NC, you only need to visit this Cavenaugh Automotive Group's site to calm your anxiety.

Looking for used car dealers Wilmington NC?
Bruce Cavenaugh has a site that saves you time and money. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit their site:
1. You can apply online for your auto loan. One financial institution of hundreds will review your application.
2. You will be contacted by the dealer shortly after you press the submit button!
3. You can search their inventory from the comfort of home. Just enter the make/model of the car you desire (new or used). No pressure! It's a dream come true.
4. You can get directions to their location, right from the site.
5. They have a service center. The best part? If you follow the link, you can print a coupon for 10% off tire purchase with lifetime rotation and balance care.

Here's a screenshot of Bruce Cavnaugh's online credit application:
used car dealers Wilmington NC

Don't waste your time, energy and money answering classifieds and driving from dealership to dealership. You can apply for credit, get approved and pick your vehicle from your laptop on your lunch break. There's no better way to shop!

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