Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pool Table Balls

Billiards Ball Sets
Are you looking for sets of billiards balls? Do you need an extra set or a replacement set? Well we have what you need. If you or your loved ones are avid billiards pool players then you can never have enough sets. They come in many styles for every decor. This is a great past time that provides hours of fun with your friends and family. 

I've highlighted a few sets here.  Click on any link to browse through a much larger collection.  Enjoy your visit!

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New England Patriots NFL 8-Ball Billiard Set

Please note this NFL billiards ball set only comes in solids and stripes, perfect for a game of 8 ball. The eight ball has a referee stripe design, while the cue ball has the team logo. These Belgian Aramith Billiard Ball sets have the precise team logo reproduced on them. Make great gifts for NFL and billiard fans!

Aramith Tournament Ball Set

Aramith tournament pool balls are made of their latest resin design called Daramith (TM).  It is made using the most accurate  weights and sizes available.  This product is used by 80% of pool players across the world.


2 1/4" Premier Belgian Aramith Fluorescent Billiard Ball Set (16 Ball Set) from Imperial International
This set will wow everyone.  Yes, you read correctly!  These babies glow in the dark.  How much fun could you have with these?! 

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