Friday, December 09, 2005

Gifts For The Person That Loves To Cook

My mother always complained that her uncle was impossible to shop for. She said he had everything. So every Christmas I remember her whining about how difficult it was to shop for him.

Let me give you a little background. My great uncle loved to cook. His life's dream is to open a restaurant. Unfortunately, his dream is unfulfilled. He loved to cook so much that he traveled many miles and paid expensive tolls to travel from Queens to the Bronx several times a week to cook in his church's soup kitchen. There he was the chef and he would relish the compliments of all that came to be satisfied from hunger with his creations. He was an inspiration to many. He still is now in California.

One Christmas before he moved, I bought him a real chef's hat and apron. I put it in these beautiful ceramic baking set that I filled with various cooking and baking utensils including a timer, a baking thermometer and baster. I bought a cook book that I thought he would enjoy and make a basket out of all the contents. When I gave it to him and he unwrapped the hat and apron, his eyes welled up. I wish I could have bought him the restaurant he always wanted, but I think the small gift I had given him had blessed him.

So there you have it, straight from my life. A gift for a that special someone that loves to cook.

Some other tips:
1. You can always add a gift certificate to a special cooking class at a neighborhood ShopRite (only $20.00) or other supermarket or institution.
2. You can add pots for their favorite type of food like a wok or an Electric Pressure Cooker ,
baking pans or Dessert Bowls and use that as the basket.
3. Cookbooks or a subscription to one of their favorite cooking magazines is something you can add.
4. Don't forget that some of those that like to cook also like their wines. So, why not? You may just get to enjoy the meal with that wine at a later date!

I've made it easy for you to purchase any of the suggestions by adding this Amazon widget! Just click on the box.

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