Friday, December 09, 2005

What To Get A Sports Fan?

My Dad has almost everything he wants and needs. Some may think it is difficult to buy a gift for someone like that. Well, I don't think so. My Dad is a Yankees fan. Since my Dad spent all his years working lots of overtime and many times even a part time job on the side, to pay for his three daughter's Catholic School tuition, he rarely got to enjoy a Yankee game at the ball park. Actually, I remember hearing the Yankees games a permanent background noise all summer as I grew up.

The Christmas before my Dad retired and moved to the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, his gift consisted of Yankees tickets and some books on their history. Let's just say he loved it and we loved that he enjoyed it. It was almost as if the roles of parent and child were reversed. We couldn't wait to give him his gift because we knew he was going to love it!!!

Some more tips:
1. Sports enthusiasts can't get enough of their favorite athletes and teams. If they are avid readers, books about their favorite athletes are also good items.
2. A subscription to a sports magazine such as Sports Illustrated or Golfer's Digest is a good idea too.
3. Videos are not a bad idea either. Depending on how big a fan they are, a video about the teams biggest highlights might make their day.
4. There is always ebay to find that autographed baseball, basketball or football they might be pining for.

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