Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Gift Idea for The Dad that Loves to Fish!

Your father loves to go fishing. He wakes up at the crack of dawn just to get on that boat to get the best catch. What do you get your Dad? This is something they will love. They will not believe you were so creative! It will be used for years to come.

What is this unique gift? It is a GPS Handheld! What does it do? A person can get a free electronic download of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs). What is a raster chart? (I didn't know either.) A raster chart is a digitally scanned image of a paper nautical chart used by mariners for navigation. These charts make navigation much safer, efficient and environmentally sound.

Where could you purchase one of these great gadgets for Father's Day? Visit Northeast Marine Electronics. They carry all of the electronics for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and driving. Peruse their extensive collection of Standard Horizon electronics or high-tech GPS chart plotters. They also have a large selection of electronic fishing tools like their Furuno Fish Finders. Let the enthusiastic and knowledgable staff help you choose the discount marine electronics you need. In case your "fishing knwoledge" challenged, like me?

Remember, enjoy your Father's Day!

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