Sunday, May 21, 2006

Gift Idea for "The Workaholic"

So, your spouse spends more time at the desk chair than the recliner or dinner table chair. They are a self proclaimed workaholic and everyone agrees. What gift can you buy such an overachiever? Actually, there are several choices because they never get out much, but this idea tops them all. Buy them a new desk chair! A desk chair that says who they are, is comforatable and will always remind them of you. Beats the traditional tie, club membership and such that they will never use....

So, now you wonder where do you buy this chair? Here's a web release explaining it all:
Furniture has evolved parallel to its progress of culture. It has been made in many different materials and decorated by using a myraid of methods. The most usual of methods being inlaying, painting or gilding, wood carving, veneering and marquetry. Western furniture has refelected motifs from 4 main sources:
1. Egyptian pieces 6000 years old display an advanced form of woodworking, structure, and decoration characterized by inlays of gold and ivory and carves with animal forms.
2. Asian (Persian and chinese) which exhibited carving and inlay on ebony and teak
3. Greek favored the low couch, the tripod and and a chair with graceful curves.
4. Gothic a combination of Greek and Estrucan blended to create ornately decorated variations.

The 20th century with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, saw an increase in technology and introduced new chair construction with such things as all-metal folding charis, metal-legged chairs, the slumber chair, moulded plastic chairs and ergonomic chairs. After the radio and TV were invented, the recliner (easy chair) became a popular form. In the 60's new forms of chairs were produced: the butterfly chair, Bean Bags, the egg and the pod chair. As technology advanced, moulded plywood and laminate wood chairs as well as leather and and ploymer chairs were created. Massage chairs once used only in spas, salons and health clubs are now sold and used in homes all over the world. Best Furniture Online has products for commercial and residential use. They have a large selection of stools, folding chairs, banquet chairs and office chairs for all your needs. Their goal is to provide the most competitve pricing, outstanding customer service and a pleasurable online shopping experience.

I know your loved one will love their gift and definitely get much use out of it.

Happy shopping!

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