Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Gift for the Dorm Student.

Here's an original gift idea for those that know college is a series of late night study sessions. More than just a few friends fit at a desk, the bed and the floor starts to be a drag after awhile. Here is a great gift taht they will get use of and that can be put away for a clutter free environment: folding chairs. These are great because you can either put them in the closet, behind the door, behind the headboard or even under the bed. It saves space, but makes the fastest most convenient seating in a snap!

Folding chairs come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Now there are even slip covers that are sold to make them even prettier. Where can you purchase several folding chairs? Best Furniture Online is an online company that specializes in chairs of all kinds. They were founded with the goals of creating the best online experience and providing the most competitive pricing and excelent customer service. They acknowledge their business IS their customers. BFO promises it customers honest advice and prompt courteous service. The folding chair slipcovers are an extra perk, but if you really like them, you can check them out for yourself...

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