Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Wedding Gift to Remember

Several years ago, my cousin got married. He and his fiancee worked hard to pay for their dream wedding. It was very beautiful. The reception hall was heaven on earth. They had beautiful gardens complete with gazebos, waterfalls, ponds, and japanese bridges. The dinner consisted of a 7 course meal and it was topped off by a dessert table that had anything you could want. An open bar, a band and a DJ was all paid by the bride and groom. They asked the family to come and celebrate in their joyous day, not expecting to receive lavish monetary gifts. This because they knew the family consisted of the working poor and the working middle class. It was a beautiful wedding. Unlike most young adults of today, that expect their weddings to paid for by their parents, they both worked and saved to make this the wedding of their dreams.

When it came time to give a toast to the couple, mostly everyone was in tears. They had given the family a gift, instead of the other way around. After the toast, his father stood up and announced that he had something to say. He explained how he was proud of his son and had seen the hard work that they had undertaken to have everyone join them in their joyous day. At that moment, his mother stood up and presented them with an envelope. Tears ran down their eyes as they wished them the best and gave them this gift to start their lives together. My cousin took the envelope and hugged them both. My aunt and uncle asked them to open it. The new married couple did and were shocked of the content. They were presented with a check for a large sum of money to use on the down payment of their first home. What a gift to give. A gift for their future.

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