Monday, July 03, 2006

What Convenience!

There is a great product called Table Mate which are foldable tv trays. Table Mates are a great gift for either a person that just moved into their first apartment or for an older person that likes convenience. It's a great gift idea that is practical and a space saver!

If a person's home is too small to have a kitchen or dining room table, these trays can give them a place to eat, work or enjoy their hobbies. Foldable tv trays can be easily stored in a closet or behind a door reducing clutter.

TV tray tables are also great for the older person that is confined to their bed. It's design allows for it to be used in bed for eating, reading or typing! The remote, their drink and a newspaper can all be placed at arm's reach.

To purchase these great Table Mates:
1. for $5.00 less than seen on TV.
2. with a week (or less) delivery time, instead of 6-8 weeks.

Visit and make someone'e life convenient!

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