Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personalized Wedding Favors

Planning a wedding is a gargantuan feat. It has become such an overwhelming task that wedding planners are thriving! That's amazing when you consider, it's a one day event.

There is a website that can help you plan for all your activities as well as unexpected events. They also offer personalized wedding favors, bridal gifts and even honeymoon favorites.

Visit their site to plan for any and every possible unexpected event that you can encounter on your special day. It's better to be prepared than too be sorry.

Here is one such case.
Your reception is taking place outdoors and it's raining.

They suggest you buy a beach umbrella and bring it in case of inclement weather. A beach umbrella is not only big enough to keep two people dry, but it's also big enough to keep the wedding gown dry. Another suggestion is to have mats nearby so that guests can clean their shoes. The last thing you want is to ruin the bride's wedding gown with MUD!

For more great tips visit the site.

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