Sunday, November 05, 2006

Coupon Codes

Here are some coupon codes for an array of products. Why pay full price when you can enter a coupon code and receive considerable savings!

Coupon Codes for Contact Lenses

Save up to 70% on Acuvue contact lenses at Order now and receive a FREE contact lens case and FREE shipping on any order over $89.

Coupon Codes for Magazines

Sales for Outdoor Gear from Mountain Plus Outdoor Gear
Sales & Specials from Mountains Plus.

Coupon Codes For Harris Michael Jewelry

Earrings: take $100 OFF, code J30
Take $50 OFF any order over $250 at Harris Michael Jewelry! Enter Code J21. Expires 10/31/06!!

I'll be adding a few more I received by email. I have to sort through all the email. I forgot to create a folder for easy access! More work for me. I hope you find these coupon codes useful!

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