Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calling Cards: A Gift That Brings Them Closer

When your family lives in another country, holidays and special events are difficult to enjoy. You want to hear their voice often. Without the right phone service or calling card, keeping in touch can really become costly. During the holidays, think of practical gifts. Send them a gift that will help them call you when they want, without breaking the bank.

Pingo offers International prepaid calling cards that really stretch every dollar and every call. They don't have exorbitent connection fees or hidden charges. Pingo provides courteous customer service to insure your satisfaction with their product.

Pingo offers competitive calling card rates for all countries. If you call from the U.S. to France, your rate will be $2.20 a minute!

A great gift idea for your loved ones that will bring a smile to all...

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