Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Turn Your Phone Into an Organizer

Seems like we live in a time when everyone is always busy. There are times that you remember things that you need to do, need to buy or need to say and as soon as they come into your mind, it's gone. The task at hand has made you forget to write downor someway remind yourslef of that task. BrainCast is the solution!

What is BrainCast?
Currently, it's in beta stage. BrainCastis a free service being offered by a VOip phone service with its headquarters in upsate NY. They created a free service that turns your phone into a sort of message board. When you register with BrainCast, you receive your own 4 digit account number and a toll free number. Program this number into your phone and never forget an important event, appoitment or even name again. Come to think of it, it's a great tool for those that forget names easily. You can meet someone at a meeting, call your number and leave yourself the detaisl. When you need the info, you log into your email account and "WALA!!" , your messages are all there! I signed up because I spend most of time on the net. This will help me keep track of things I need to buy, replace or visit.

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