Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Earn Money Online to Shop

There are many ways that you can earn money on the interent, but this is a sure way to get paid weekly! I been blogging for Blogitive for months! They are great because they pay you weekly by paypal. No waiting for thirty days. No waiting for checks! You can know that when you take one of their offers, you're as good as paid.

What do you need to work for Blogitive?
1. A blog with traffic. You don't need tons of traffic, just enough traffic.
2. You need to register your blog with
3. Your blog must be indexed with Google.
4. You must submit your blog and await approval.
5. Once you're accpeted, you must log in regularly. When there is an offer, you have the option of taking it or rejecting it.
6. If you accept the offer, you must write at least 100 words, paraphrasing the web release they sent you. Use the appropriate link text and URL they provide.
7. After you publish your entry, be sure to submit the appropriate URL to Blogitive.
8. The next week, you will receive an email that your payment was made to your paypal!

Pretty easy, huh? Now go sign up and begin to Make Money Online so that the holiday season won't leave you BROKE!

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