Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get a $5.00 Gift from Bloggertizer!

Want to make an easy $5.00? If you're a blogger with a pr 3 blog, Bloggertizer will pay you $5.00 for a review. What can you do with $5.00? Save it, use it as a snowflake to pay off debt, buy a gallon of gas or buy yourself some Mickey D's.

What is Bloggertizer? is a blog directory used as a marektplace for advertisers and bloggers. There aren't any requirements for inclusion in the directory. Once you submit your blog, a badge with your Google pr will appear next to it. Be sure to give an accurate description of your blog. When an advertiser wants to pay you to blog, they contact you through the site.

How can you get $5.00 from Bloggertizer for writing a review?
1. You must have a blog with a minimum 3 pr.
2. You must have a paypal account.
3. Submit your blog to Bloggertizer's directory.
4. Write your review. A minimum of 150 words is required.
5. Provide two links to Bloggertizer.
6. Send the URL of the completed review to
7. You will receive a $5.00 paypal payment!

How much does Bloggertizer charge?
Nothing! Unlike all the other paid blogging sites, they don't charge anything for listing your site. When an advertiser finds you on Bloggertizer, you write the review, put up a link or display an ad and keep the full amount. No finder's fee, no advertiser's fee or blogger's fee. You keep all your money.

Does this really work?
Well, it did for me. An advertsier contacted me. We communicated by email. I set a price, he agreed. I advertised his site, he paid me by paypal.

Good luck with Bloggertizer. Remember, write an interesting description of your site and use appropriate tags!

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