Thursday, April 07, 2011

What has me tuned in since the first night for Storage Wars?

Thanks for the post from Deborah Kline

I never ever thought that I would tune in episode after episode for a television series about people buying foreclosed storage units and turning them into cash. However, Storage Wars came along and swept me up right along with it.

The multiple personalities from Dave who is aggressive in each bid (sometimes he does it just to drive up the price for the other bidders) to Dan the Collector who goes after the storage units crammed full of stuff that a collector had.

When you don't pay for your storage bill, they will lock it up and folks like those on Storage Wars will bid on it just for a chance to earn a little bit of cash in the long run. Storage Wars is a new, but very popular television series that I watch on A&E HD (this comes with the premium channels I get from

If you're all about rags to riches, come watch some of these folks from California battle it out to fill their consignment stores with goods and fill their bank accounts with money. It gets brutal every time!

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